Mother Earth has long captured the imagination of Maria Mouawad. Whether it’s the vivacious colors in nature or the delicate nuances of the seasons, she always thought that everything around us holds beauty within when you know how to look.
Maria was specifically enchanted by the splendor of stones and what can be created out of these marvels. And that’s how her journey started.
The brand is about creating unique pieces out of the stones Maria falls in love with. It is about celebrating nature, colors and sometimes asymmetry. 
Every piece holds a story and is special on its own. Maria personally feels very attached to each piece as she picks the stones herself, creates the piece and follows up on every step along the way to have it done just the way she imagined it. 
After a course on diamond grading with HRD Antwerp, Maria took her interest to the next level and graduated from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in London, specializing in Jewelry Design and Gemology.
Today, with a line of unique handmade and handcrafted jewelry pieces inspired by earth and nature, Maria wants to share her passion with the rest of the world.
'I try to curate my collection to suit different tastes. But my creations are mainly for women who like the uniqueness of the piece; this is why I like designing statement pieces that stand out and tell a story. 
My collections come purely from my own artistic inspirations and my emotions.'